Living at Kingston


Local family invites a new generation to call Kingston home

We know how the “great Australian dream” feels – the heartfelt desire to own your own home, on your own piece of special land, with space to grow and make memories with your family and friends that will last a lifetime.

Kingston has an established history dating back to the early 1800’s when the land was first purchased by the Messer family. Used as a cattle farm over the decades until the boom of the Australian sugar cane industry in the late 1940’s, the Messer family have always called this land, in the heart of Hervey Bay, home. Today Kingston’s proud heritage is preserved within the surrounding streets, many of which are named after members of the Messer family that had worked these fields.

This master planned development provides for 150 larger than average city residential allotments alongside parklands, a tree lined natural waterway, recreational area with BBQ picnic facilities and fitness equipment for you and your family to enjoy. The Estate maintains beautiful vistas of open spaces and historic buildings host to old style farmer’s markets that capture the traditional market culture.

At Kingston we’re about getting back to the simpler style of living with a bigger way of life, with that very simple goal... Love Where You Live.

Sarah and I  like to close up the house in Brisbane and set off on road trips in our motorhome, sometimes for weeks on end (grey nomads) and for the last two years we have been on the lookout for a nice quiet coastal town where we can sit back and enjoy life more fully, looking from NSW central coast to as far north as the Queensland Whitsunday coast.

As we stood there looking out over the Kingston estate for the first time, we could sense an ambience about the area. There is a certain feeling of peace and tranquillity. It was hard to believe we were literally only minutes away from the major shopping centres, retailers, clubs and beaches of Hervey Bay.

Sarah and I looked at each other and knew we had found exactly what we were looking for...nothing compared... the search was over.

Tom and Sarah Colquhoun