Building at Kingston

You can download the documents below for more information on building at Kingston.


Landscaping works are being undertaken pursuant obligations of development permits and are a value-adding exercise to both residents individual property and the local government area generally. Council’s Tree Management Policy is available to assist in this education process, which specifically notes that the verge area is Council managed and assets in this locality (street trees, edging, etc.) is prohibited from being interfered with once it’s a Council asset without prior consent be a delegated officer.

Related works are to be undertaken in accordance with approved plans/standards and not to be impacted by residents pursuant Council’s Tree Management policy and Use of Road Reserves (nature strips) for Streetscape Enhancement policy.

Kingston HB Covenant

Kingston Special Building Conditions (PDF download)


Fraser Coast Regional Council Letter to Residents 2022 (PDF download)

Unauthorised Vegetation Damage on Council Land (PDF download)

Vehicle Crossover & Driveway - Council Policy (PDF download)


Living at Kingston